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Rustic Chic Lakehouse

Type: New Construction


The approach here was to mesh clean modern finishes and design with rustic elements. This family wanted an inviting living space that was functional and comfortable, but that also had design elements that were reflective of their tastes. Careful planning went into every detail of the home to achieve these goals. The end result was a flow of warmth, openness, and unique, personalized style.

Cottage Inspired Photography Studio

Type: Commercial


Designing for a business requires a different approach. Taking time to understand the client/business owner’s needs and sense of style is important. Consideration also needs to be given to the type of business and the clientele. In this project, the photographer had specific of ideas of what she wanted to achieve so the end result was aesthetically pleasing. The design though also had to function for her photography. Every part of the design was geared towards creating unique backdrops for her photography. Customization was key, as seen in the rustic post, swings, wainscoting, barn door, lighting and sheer drapes… all of which she uses daily in her photography to create her amazing “natural” photographs of subjects.

A uniquely designed deck with Colorado influence

Type: Exterior


Design isn’t just for interiors. Creating a flow between indoors and outdoors is an important element in maximizing our living spaces. This deck replaced a very small, dilapidated deck that was not in proportion to the house. The small size diminished the exterior beauty of this home. The design plan was to create a deck that “fit” with the home and the clients’ sense of style. Using cedar beams that were hand scraped as part of the pergola and rails is an eye-catching element that also gives the homeowner’s a sense of privacy. Yet the remainder of the deck was kept open by using the surround steps as an alternative to enclosing it with a railing. Incorporating the galvanized tubes in the railing offsets the wood, creating visual interest and  harmony with rustic and sleek contemporary components.


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Lakehouse Renovation

Type: Interior


These homeowners wanted to make their part-time outdated lakehouse dwelling more like a home than a “cabin”.  They gravitated towards warm finishes and a mix of traditional with some hints of eclecticism.  They were short on space in the original layout of the house, so we came up with ideas to expand their usable space so that their home could function better for them.  This included borrowing garage space for a laundry room and a hidden butler’s pantry.  Organization was also a priority for these homeowners. Storage was added underneath the stairs and the new cabinets house special features like a pull out spice rack, ironing board, pot rack, and towel racks.  The quality of the finishes in this project complete the overall appeal here.  The Clear Alder, copper sink and hood, Brazilian granite, ledgestone, among other finishes, create a harmonious and warm aesthetic that envelope you when you walk through the door.  


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Transforming a home with transitional furnishing and décor

Type: Interior


This home was in need of a makeover. The furnishings and décor were a collection of items that didn’t “sing the same song” and gave the home an outdated look. The homeowners wanted an ambience that was “cozy” but yet had a style that they could enjoy for years to come. That being the goal, careful selection was given to all furnishings and paint colors so that it was an extension of the family members’ tastes. Each room was given its own unique design stamp, but careful consideration was given to ensuring that there was continuity between the rooms in the home.

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